How Workforce Reporting & People Analytics Can Help Companies In Digital Transformation

Last year alone companies spent over $1.3 trillion on digital transformation out of which $900 billion went to waste, making digital transformation the number one concern for companies in 2019.1 So why have some companies succeeded where others have failed in their digital transformation initiatives? Digital transformation is the integration of these digital technologies into all areas of the business resulting in fundamental changes to work, how businesses operate and deliver value. Workforce Reporting and People Analytics as a strategic tool for the Digital Transformation process. 3 With this onset, business want to know whether the workforce costs are aligned with future earning potential, if people are fit for future work, whether the workforce is engaged, if the top talent are ready to lead tomorrow and so on.4 Workforce reporting and people analytics can enable businesses to gain insights into these pressing issues. 6 Insights obtained through people analytics have not only enabled organisations to manage workforce expectations across generations and continents, predict the changing workplace during this digital disruption;7 but also positioned HR as a fact based strategic partner of the business. 8 Thus making workforce reporting and people analytics an indispensable component in the digital transformation process. While many organisations are still unaware of how to best address these disruptions affecting business in every industry today, there are some organisations that are using workforce reporting and adopted people analytics to understand these complex workforce challenges.

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