How Chros Can Be Pioneers In Using Artificial Intelligence

One key finding from the McKinsey survey of early adopter companies using AI is the focus on using AI for growth and transformation initiatives and not solely on automation and cost savings. CHROs have an opportunity to assume a leadership position by being creative and strategic in using artificial intelligence across the employee life cycle from sourcing new hires to on-boarding, career development, and coaching. Using artificial intelligence can provide an employee with recommendations to pursue alternate career roles and the relevant training needed for these. Research reveals 50 percent of job seekers do not hear back after submitting their resumes through traditional corporate channels, so one can see why using artificial intelligence to re-invent the recruiting process is one of the first areas HR leaders are examining in using AI for HR. This is happening in technology firms such as IBM and Cisco, but also in companies outside of the technology sector. One first step in learning more about how artificial intelligence can impact HR is to examine how AI can be used to improve the overall candidate and employee experience. This is the power of using AI for HR! As the focus of artificial intelligence pivots from automating a job role to understanding how to augment and upskill the role, the key will be to develop a strategy for how to best leverage AI across the people practices of an organization. The benefits to using AI at work are numerous, from improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the candidate experience to providing employees greater personalization in developing their own career path, all using machine learning recommendations.

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