Radical Outcomes: 5 Tips On How To Create Extraordinary Teams That Get Tangible Results

According to Juliana Stancampiano, who is the Founder and CEO of Oxygen, “Extraordinary teams driving radical outcomes for their businesses are in constant, open, supportive conversations, often while moving at breakneck speeds to meet demands. These teams operate like a jazz ensemble: they are well-rehearsed professionals who are always keeping a tune in mind, while allowing for improvisation and spontaneous ideas to influence the way they perform.” If you’re founding a new company, helming a high-growth enterprise, or trying to create a more effective culture, Stancampiano, the author of the new book, Radical Outcomes, presents innovative ways for teams to communicate, connect, and organize work. Besides great teams operating like a well tuned jazz ensemble, Radical Outcomes also outlines four keys to improving results using an out-come based approach. Organizations today are growing and changing at such a rapid pace, teams must adapt a collaborative and open mindset similar to the jazz ensemble. Extraordinary teams have role clarity and they understand that, at some point, they will need to cover for each other. One key to collaboration is fostering a culture of improvisation through the use of “Yes, and.” instead of “Yes, but” when teams are dealing with differences in opinion. Stancampiano recommends building “Enablement” teams to create training experiences and content that are easy to consume, highly relevant, and sequenced over a timetable that make sense to improve outcomes.

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