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It’s happening now as companies begin to adopt technologies with built-in AI. The challenge for HR will be to keep up with the issues, opportunities, and challenges created by the ever-changing landscape of AI. Learn how the The State of Artificial Intelligence in HR 2018 research may apply to your organization. We invite you to read’s exclusive state of the industry research report, and the corresponding infographic, which includes key insights and 8 key takeaways. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE RESEARCH: HR is steadily moving up the AI learning curve. In 2017, only 36% of respondents moderately agreed or strongly agreed that they were knowledgeable about AI. In 2018, that number rose to 43%. There is still a long way to go before the average HR professional is highly knowledgeable about AI, but this is an encouraging trend. In 2017, only 9% of respondents strongly agreed they were knowledgeable about using AI in HR, a number that rose to 14% in 2018. The Features HR Professionals Want Most from AI. When we asked respondents about where they thought AI has the greatest potential to improve HR in coming years, the most popular responses-by a wide margin-was analytics and metrics. We believe this is because analytics is a natural AI strength and because it can be applied across many HR functions.

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