The Office Was Only 40% Utilized In 2018

With the average cost per square foot of office space on the rise, facility managers and employers should learn how to better use the space or consider undergoing a downsize in the coming year. Office space not being used 60% on average seems crazy. The industry has also lacked any solid way to understand the real-time use of office spaces in the past. With tech in the real estate space predicted to be the next big disruptor, we believe 2019 will see wider adoption of AI and new technology in property management, which means we’ll be able to get more real-time data on how much office space is actually necessary. Besides not having the data to quantify space utilization, there are also larger trends present in the workplace that are moving away from traditional office structure and design. With the tide turning away from traditional office use and toward fewer employees physically being present, what should you do with all the space? Their office spaces too can be repurposed – perhaps to host smaller conferences that are happening more frequently among employees.

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