Why Natural Light Is Conducive To Great Work

Let Light In.Natural light can be extended into the interior of buildings using lower workspace panels or panels with either translucent material or slats throughout. This offers a level of privacy while increasing access to natural light. At the other end of the spectrum, floor-to-ceiling windows can bathe an office in natural light, but can also create an issue with glare. One solution is the use of electrochromic glass, which works like transition eyeglasses, shifting from clear to shade, depending on the intensity of the light during the day. Another option is low-E glass, which reduces glare through a UV-resistant coating, while providing energy-efficient insulation from outside temperatures. More simple ways to pull the outdoors indoors include adding foliage and water elements, which can also provide natural sound masking. Wood furniture and accent décor impart the warmth of nature, creating a comfortable atmosphere where people can do their best work.

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