5 Key Benefits Of Conversational Recruiting

A candidate-centric strategy, conversational recruiting enables on-demand, two-way communication through channels such as SMS, email, and AI-powered chatbots. Turn recruiting into a two-way conversation and meet candidates where they are by engaging them on the apps and systems they use in their everyday lives. Conversational recruiting encourages the “Person” in “Personnel.” Unlike most ATS and CRM tools, the conversational recruiting experience is truly focused on the candidate. As you implement tools like SMS, email, and a chatbot into your recruiting strategy, be sure to track, track, track! By collecting data and measuring the performance of your engagement with candidates, you’ll have the information you need to tweak and optimize your strategy over time. Conversational recruiting is one of the many ways you can create incredible experiences across the talent journey-make today the day you get started. This post features content from our eBook, The Modern Conversational Recruiting Guide. Download it today to learn how conversational recruiting helps expand your talent pool!

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