Proptech: A Massive Opportunity We’Re Seeing

Real estate is larger than all of those categories combined, and the transformation that real estate tech could bring to our lives is larger, and more profound, than you might think. Generational trends and shifting consumer behaviors are creating an opportunity for a new wave of real estate tech startups with high growth potentials. The sheer size of real estate is often underappreciated Real estate is valued globally at around $228 trillion, a figure which exceeds the global value of equities and securitized debt by fully $79 trillion. Real estate leasing, a.k.a. the rental market, represents another enormous opportunity for tech disruption because there’s an increasing mismatch between supply, and demand. The expense and hassle of designing, building, and maintaining this enormous asset class represents the third major opportunity for disruption in real estate. With real estate we expect more regional winners: real estate law differs widely creating unique local markets. The opportunity for tech to move into commercial real estate is enormous and largely untapped, both in supply and data.

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