Perkins + Will Design The World’S Tallest Woode…

Tweet more… Tweet more… BIG has designed a concept for a floating city of 10,000 people that could help populations threatened by extreme weather and rising sea levels. Tweet more… Savills Research ‘Why mobility matters’ from world leading property research consultants. Tweet more… The next 15 megacities #6: New facilities by the Sabarmati will provide Ahmedabad with much-needed public space, but at what environmental cost? Tweet more… The technology is coming, but it’s going to be expensive. Tweet more… Carrying the brand of Marriott International, a new 26-story, 360-foot-tall tower will become the largest modular hotel in the world upon completion. Tweet more… Perkins + Will have revealed a new design for the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper in Vancouver. Tweet more… Tweet more… While the tendency to live alone is no new concept, more people than ever are opting to live solo. Tweet more… Tweet more… Understand new global and regional consumer trends and uncover innovation opportunities Tweet more… It is, once again, the time of year where we look towards the future to define the goals and approaches that we will take for our career Tweet more… Discover which Asian brands have registered a rapid growth in 2018 in terms of POS, distribution channels, global expansion.

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