After Nations

What might happen as the climate breaks down and artificial intelligence rises up? David Bent explores a disrupted world where countries have been replaced by machine-human ‘Integrities’. People in 2019 would struggle to grasp Integrities, probably calling them a hybrid of a movement, a company and a geographically-distributed commune. The most important feature of the successful Integrities is that they can learn quickly, not just improving or even creating new approaches to replace a struggling one but able to rethink how to think. Through the 2020s and beyond a series of Integrities emerged, global tribes that us their collective intelligence as part of its own comparative advantage. Today’s Integrities have physical redoubts, where the most sensitive operations can be housed, and where some members live and more can retreat if needed. Our success today comes from how well we help the collective intelligence of our Integrity to make sense of situations quickly, and act on that insight so that it can thrive some more. At its best, such meaning making enhances the contribution of the rest, because it helps the Integrity to rethink how to think.

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