How To Engage Occupants To Create Better Space

Here’s how facility managers should use the creative engagement process to understand occupant needs for their space. Work methods for building owners and facility managers have changed in recent years to ensure more effective workplace planning and programming. It’s an extra step, but one that experienced facility managers have said can pay off handsomely. All facility managers and project teams can adopt these new tactics that focus on cultivating a collective sense of purpose, with specific results in improved planning and programming outcomes for offices, labs, and other workplaces. This article will describe a working template for successful team creative engagement that can be used to optimize any project, including how to recruit and involve stakeholders, gather their input, help solve challenges, and make the best possible choices for renovating or building new facilities. So how do savvy facility managers get started with the process? First, they start with the premise of building a collective sense of purpose. Facility managers describe the concept, it’s their basis for a project team working together to reveal how a new environment will help fulfill the organization’s mission and strengthen its identity.

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