3 Fire Safety Myths: How Will Occupants React?

Know these fire safety myths about occupant behavior to better prepare. In the event of a fire in a facility, many facility managers believe occupants will always follow fire safety protocol to the letter. These myths can confuse building stakeholders who are responsible for ensuring a building is safe from fire and contribute to flawed design decisions or installations. Here is a look at three common myths that relate to how occupants might react to building fire safety, and what can be done to decrease the risk of fire in a building. Occupant response during fire emergencies is influenced by a variety of factors including occupant characteristics, building characteristics, and the fire itself. Another common myth about how people respond during fire emergencies is the assumption that, during a fire, the occupants will panic. Although fire alarm and notification systems play an important role in life safety, studies have shown that unfortunately occupants often ignore a fire alarm signal.

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