Why Robots Are Actually Making Work More Human

The clear benefit of AI at work is automating tasks that we don’t want to do, creating more opportunities to invest in valuable, high impact work. The fascinating part of this AI revolution is how automation is actually pushing the workforce to become less techy and more human. The main thing, according to Schawbel, is that technologies like AI should be used as a bridge, not a barrier, to human interaction. In this case, an AI-fueled digital assistant actually makes face-to-face meetings easier and enhances human interaction at work. For more advice on how to find the right balance between technology usage and building human relationships, check out Schawbel’s latest book Back to Human. Contrary to popular belief, I believe using technology can actually create better human relationships, especially at work. Bringing it back to our balance of tech and human interaction, it’s important for the recruiter and hiring manager to actually talk to the top candidates that AI identifies.

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