Many Workers Still Prefer Paper Over Digital Media

Despite the digitization of the workplace, note taking is an important task where a surprising number of workers still prefer to write on a piece of paper, according to the newly released Mopria Workflow Survey. The survey from the Mopria® Alliance refutes a common assumption that workers overwhelmingly prefer pure-digital workflows, and illustrates balanced preferences between paper and digital media. According to the survey, 80.5 percent of workers enjoy the feel of pen and paper, and the majority still choose to take notes this way as opposed to on a laptop, tablet or phone. Even higher, over 71 percent of note takers believe they are more likely to remember their notes better if they take them on paper, indicating that even those who choose not to take notes on paper recognize that kinesthetic benefit. “In a world with highly digital workflows, we were surprised to find that such endearment still exists for traditional handwritten notes,” said Greg Kuziej, Chairman of the Board at the Mopria Alliance. Regardless if they took their notes digitally or on paper, about 57 percent kept them in their original state, while 43 percent converted them from digital to print or print to digital. Interestingly, the survey found a difference in preferences between paper and digital depending on what the note taker intended to do with the notes.

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