Hok’S Workplace Group Releases Trend Report Focused On Tech Industry

29 April 2019HOK’s WorkPlace Group Releases Trend Report Focused on Tech Industry HOK has released the second volume of HOK Forward, its annual report exploring a crucial issue in workplace design. “HOK Forward: Tech Workplace Takes Center Stage” investigates the distinct threats and challenges facing the tech sector and explores how these same challenges are affecting all companies, regardless of the industry in which they operate. “Intense competition, readily available capital and open frontiers are challenging tech companies to continuously adapt and innovate,” said Kay Sargent, co-director of HOK’s WorkPlace practice. The workplace report explores the myriad challenges and opportunities facing the tech sector, from the shrinking talent pool and evolving regulatory environment to privacy and data security and the growing exodus from Silicon Valley. “We are quickly moving toward an era in which tech is not just a discrete sector but a foundational element in all businesses,” said Gordon Wright, co-director of HOK’s WorkPlace practice. HOK explores the characteristics and considerations for options including Activity-Based Workplaces, Neighborhood-based Choice Environments, Agile Environments, Maker Environments for Mobile Occupants and Immersive Environments. To provide additional value for its clients and readers, HOK concludes the report with a set of priority actions and 10 focus areas for future tech workplaces.

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