Biophilia Is Slowly Seeping Into Smart Building Design

Biophilia is a growing and loosely defined topic within the smart workplace evolution. The scientific evidence linking biophilic elements to worker productivity is growing and evolving, and biophilic theories are seeping into workplace design relatively unnoticed. Proximity to windows and skylights for natural sunlight is a biophilic concept that has been adopted and developed by the lighting industry through artificial sunlight-mimicking human-centric lighting systems. Biophilia goes beyond access to light, better air, and the addition of natural elements such as plants and photographs. That’s what biophilia is all about, making our un-natural environments more natural for human health, wellbeing, and productivity. One of the biggest differences between a typical office and a typical natural environment is space. The research found that the average office worker spends an average of 47 minutes outdoors each day.

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