What’S Keeping Hr Up At Night?

In HRE’s 2018 What’s Keeping HR Up at Night survey, HR leaders have more than a few challenges vying for their attention. Employee engagement continues to reign supreme as the top HR worry in HRE’s 2018 What’s Keeping HR Up at Night survey, but just by a hair. The survey of 314 HR executives, conducted in January, found that nearly 29 percent of respondents ranked engagement as their No. 1 concern, compared to 32 percent a year earlier. In 2017, developing leaders was cited by 26 percent of the respondents and was the second-most-cited concern. The third spot was occupied last year by attracting and retaining diverse talent at 27 percent. Stress levels climbed slightly from the year before, with roughly 73 percent of the respondents reporting that their stress levels increased either somewhat or dramatically over the past 18 months, compared with 72 percent a year earlier. Respondents were fairly evenly split regarding whether their departments are properly staffed to handle the workload: 49 percent said they are appropriately staffed, while 45 percent reported being inadequately staffed.

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