Agile Is Not Enough

By adopting an agile approach, software development teams can create new products and services rapidly, transform processes, and even help reinvent the organization. Three impediments in particular work against agile in most organizations: rigid architecture, poor talent management, and lack of a product mindset. Supplanting the business-oriented IT manager is a true engineering manager, with the technical chops to check others’ code along with enough business savvy to work closely with product managers and business owners. Moving to agile addresses some of these problems, but it does not go far enough to solve them for digital products and services. Digital-native companies typically use a product management model given that their main products and services have typically been software-driven, and now more traditional companies are adopting these concepts. On its own, agile is not enough, and many organizations struggle to reap the full benefits the approach can lend for technology, talent, and product management. Addressing architectural rigidity, closing talent gaps, and adopting a product mindset require commitment and a sustained effort from both business and technology leaders.

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