How To Make Monday Mornings Better At Work -The Muse

Making Monday more tolerable actually starts before that dreaded day ever actually rolls around. The start of the week might feel like the perfect time for a meeting-it’s a chance for everyone to get caught up and on the same page for the next few days. While there’s nothing wrong with Monday meetings, it’s better if you reserve any of those sit-downs for later in the afternoon. You and your brain will benefit if you can make your best effort to get started on some real, meaningful work as soon as possible. Rather than treating the first few hours of Monday as your chance to catch up on all of that normal housekeeping stuff-think checking emails, writing endless lists, and chatting with co-workers about their weekends-get started on completing a larger task or project immediately. Me? I start each Monday by writing one entire article that’s due that week-before I even so much as check my email. Whether it’s a workout class you love, a happy hour with friends, a walk during your lunch break, or even some quiet time to sit down and read, reserving some “You time” will save you from viewing Monday as such a no-good, terrible day.

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