10 Tips For Productivity

That’s working more, right? No! It’s about working smarter. We know working for a small business or for yourself demands arguably more discipline to stay focused and fruitful. Turn off notifications if social media is your Achilles heel when it comes to getting work done. The work will still be there when you get back – but this way you’ll return refreshed and energised. Can automation work for you, such as scheduling social media posts or apps to collate expenses? Working from home or a coffee shop may be convenient but are you doing your posture any favours? Are you using your knees as your worksurface or perhaps suffering the inconvenience – and time-waste – of packing all your stuff away every time you need to use the café loo? Supportive seating, good lighting and adequate desk-space all offer health benefits that ultimately contribute to a more productive work day. Make time for fun outside work – add it to your priority list.

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