Lighting The Workplace In 2019

Oddly, the passion for smart lighting has yet to hit the workplace on a grand scale, although some workplaces, a relative few overall, do rely on AI for lighting at the individual and communal level, and they set the bar extraordinarily high. As individuals become accustomed to personalized lighting at home, we expect the demand for personal, individual-level lighting solutions at work to soon become a clamor. A lighting system’s response to weekend work at a facility normally closed can provide illuminated walking paths for safety as well as lighting at work and amenity areas that follows you throughout the facility. If today’s workplace is as flexible as touted, and it is, then the ability to move and adapt lighting solutions to match how staff moves and works is critical. Ultimately, the drive to include smart lighting features in the workplace depends on decision makers who, in an effort to align the workplace with the expectations of the best and the brightest and to attract and retain critical intellectual capital, will inevitably respond to worker demand. Lighting for wellness is just becoming prevalent today, but think of the possibilities: boardrooms lit to facilitate amicable, productive meetings; conference rooms with light tuned to energetic brainstorming; lighting that responds to individual mood or creates mood. If providing more control at the individual level to increase autonomy and enrich the human experience and wellbeing at work are positive ways to further employee satisfaction, production, and health, then smart lighting offers opportunities that are on the verge of impacting the workplace in profound new ways-it’s just a matter of time.

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