How An Active Intranet Helps You Measure Employee Engagement

An intranet platform that gets people actively contributing to and participating in the company culture is a great solution, plus it’s a great way to gauge overall engagement at your organization. In this article I’ll look at how you can use your intranet to figure out just how engaged your people are. Some companies use a social intranet, complete with engagement metrics to make an assessment of how engaged individual employees are on their network, which are usually based on the number of “Likes” they give and receive. Since your intranet might be only one facet of how your people participate in your company culture, it’s important to remember that their participation on it doesn’t represent the sum total of their contributions to the culture. Any measurement of engagement will have to be done holistically; meaning you’ll have to look at all the ways in which people participate in your culture: from the way they use their intranet to the passion they show in their work. Anyone conducting an employee engagement evaluation ought to first think about what “Engagement” means to their specific organization, and how people can enact that definition in the way they work, as well as the way they use their intranet. Does your intranet resemble your workplace culture or is there a discrepancy? Either way, paying close attention to an active intranet will tell you a lot about how engaged your people are in their work.

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