Smart Building Technology: The Elephant In The Room

Building automation is a twofold concept: the “Automation of the building” and “Personal skills in building automation.” The tech in facility management conversation is as much about the digital skills of people as it is about technology-equipped environments. Before facility leaders and their teams can tap the power of smart buildings, they need to acquire a new set of skills. If smart buildings are full of “Not as smart” humans, they won’t work. The business world is very focused on “Going digital,” but one could argue that most organizations are just adding the word “Digital” for the sake of it. Unless people have the tools they need to “See” and use the digital world to their advantage, and unless we help them change their muscle memory when it comes to managing buildings, they will continue to operate in the same way. Build pockets of excellence within the organization-champions you can train up to be digital superheroes so that they can help their peers. You can make the smartest building in the world but if you don’t change the way it is operated-the learning, the behavior, the culture-then you’ll have a smart building full of “Not as smart” humans.

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