Are University Campuses Turning Into Mini Smart Cities?

Think of a university campus: it has its own roads, shops, residential areas, banks and transport links. The University of Glasgow has been working with innovation centre Future Cities Catapult on a strategy to bring smart tech to the campus as it expands. “The smart campus idea was first floated in spring 2016,” says Tori Brown, the university’s IT portfolio manager. Deakin University in Victoria, Australia has built and implemented a similar system, named Genie. The university has a large distance-learning cohort, with 25% fully online and “The other 75% act[ing] like they are”, according to Beverley Oliver, deputy vice-chancellor for education at Deakin. Oliver says the university has “a strong policy around not surveilling students, but using their data with their knowledge in order to help them”. Universities need to remember that data isn’t a magic bullet, says Kathleen Armour, pro-vice-chancellor for education at the University of Birmingham.

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