A New Perspective On Trading Floors

Although there has been considerable new strategic direction in workplace design, the trading floor has remained a bulwark against the forces of modernization. We’ve focused our strategic eye on the trading floor, and as our teams have worked with some of the largest financial service providers in the global industry, our experience and knowledge drive us towards identifying five key levers we see as changing the way the industry looks at the trading floor experience. As technology presses forward, the most natural move would be to further unburden traders by untethering them from fixed locations on the trading floor. Making the leap to such technology on the trading floor lets traders engage with their spaces differently, enabling teams to work side by side and groups to ebb and flow as program or project needs demand. We posit a short leap towards adapting such practices to trading, building upon the algorithms in place today to both meet needs and expand the scope of trading activity. We have seen growth in embedding non-trading teams into trading environments where one team effectively supports the other. Feedback gained on various efforts reveals that trading teams seem to easily forgive dense environments when benefits are gained, and will work to recoup the upfront costs and defray potential long-term costs in favor of increased development and productivity or the reduction of square footage required for the business.

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