Gen-Z’S Impact On Workplace Design

Commercial Property Executive spoke with Melissa Jancourt, associate vice president at design firm HGA Architects, to discuss what the next round of workers are looking for when it comes to office design and workplace culture. Many have yet to differentiate between Gen-Z and Millennials, leading to the assumption that what cultivates a meaningful work experience is based on a Millennial rather than a Gen-Z lens. How are researchers and designers examining what Gen Z employees’ value in terms of experience, relationships and work culture? The Gen-Z workplace will need to balance digital, natural and human connection to support a workforce seeking unique self-curated learning experiences and recognize that while technology accelerates and assumes more physical and cognitive tasks, people remain at the core of problem solving. Jancourt: For Gen-Z, it’s about how the work experience facilitates psychological safety through belonging and connection. Bottom line, the work experience influences Gen-Z with 86 percent of respondents indicating that office setting would influence the acceptance of a job offer. Gen-Z seeks a work experience that considers their expanding definition of diversity.


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