How Open Is “Too” Open For Your Office: New Gensler Data

Gensler surveyed 6,000 offices workers for their input on these three questions: 1) exactly how open should their office be; 2) which amenities were most meaningful to them; and 3) what coworking spaces they wanted as part of their best prospective workplace. Our data reveal what is truly going on in the current workplace, with insights on how workplace design can deliver new value to organizations. One office type doesn’t work for all, and it is much more nuanced. The findings revealed that very few people prefer either extreme, and 77 percent consider the ideal work environment to fall somewhere between totally open and totally private. In other words, the best workplaces are designed to accommodate both individual and focus work, along with ample open spaces that can be used for more social, collaborative, work projects. Fourteen percent of respondents in our survey of 6,000 office workers said that they used coworking space as part of their workweek. This uptick in coworking by employees at larger companies – who already have a primary work office – is essential to understanding the changing work styles of the U.S. worker.


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