Forbes Insights: How Ai Can Help Redesign The Employee Experience

The hope isn’t simply for AI to ensure smarter, faster hiring, but to improve the entire lifecycle of the employee experience, from job application to exit interview. According to Bersin, AI might be the crucial ingredient to a sweeter employee experience. Other communication analysis AI tools, such as ADP Compass, Kanjoya and Humu, give managers insights on employee morale-and offer subtle nudges on how they could boost it. Humu provides feedback to managers and employees on how they can improve the work experience collaboratively. Another crucial aspect of the employee experience is a company’s culture. Beyond minimizing bias, AI can help companies create a happier workplace culture through organizational network analysis tools like TrustSphere and Yva.AI, which analyze the work styles of productive employees to generate actionable insights, including “Simple things,” Bersin says, such as “Sending shorter emails makes you more productive and happy.” Ultimately, the best HR product will end up on workers’ phones, which is precisely where the employee experience begins for most people today: 86% of job applicants begin their search on a smartphone, according to a Kelton survey.


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