Home Automation In Renovations: Is It Possible To Transform An Old Building Into An Intelligent One?

Although the ability to install home automation in a practical way is associated with new projects, it is possible to adapt previously built buildings in a relatively simple way. In both small and large renovations projects these systems can deliver automated features that responds to the requirements and needs of its users. There are wired and wireless systems in the market, which can be controlled from inside or outside of the building. In general, wireless systems in home automation have good performance when signal coverage allows it, and its installation is fast and without many complications. In this sense, when dealing with renovations, especially in old buildings, it’s necessary to review the material characteristics of the building -for example, a high presence of iron or very thick walls- since latencies or interferences could arise. To avoid interruptions present with wireless you can use a wiring system commonly known as BUS cable. You can add other systems such as control of the blinds, audio, and security.


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