Finally, A Workplace That Is All About You, Hub Projects

What if the workplace could read your work habits, anticipate individual needs and likes, and provide your preferred options, without you even having to ask? Workplace experience is all about putting your needs at the core of workplace design, built environment and operations. Workplace experience technologies are increasingly popular in Singapore with corporates and landlords, who are looking to leverage such tools to actively engage employees and tenants, while enhancing their experience and increasing productivity. CBRE’s employee workplace experience platform, Host, is AI-powered and applies predictive analytics and machine learning in interpreting past behaviours to envision an individual’s future actions and habits. Such applications harmonise people, training and technology, bringing these three components in synergy to create an ultimate employee-centric workplace experience. Experience is fundamentally about people; hence, the emergence of workplace curators – a person or group of people tasked with strategising on improving employees’ overall workplace experience. In addition to fine-tuning the tech platform and ensuring the building understands your needs, workplace curators create and deliver a broad spectrum of social, learning and fitness activities to make sure that each day at work is enjoyable. Curated workplace events such as fitness classes and networking sessions are already prevalent in Singapore’s co-working sector, with major corporations also actively recruiting both workplace concierges and workplace experience curators to creating a holistic experience.


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