When Workplace Cultures Clash: Doing Business Abroad

If you need to do business in a country like this, then you should be prepared for some clashes in workplace culture. His Malta report concluded that this was a great place for foreigners to do business, because the country has a highly educated, English-speaking workforce with a strong work ethic, and the government and regulatory environment is very business friendly. The key lesson here is to spend considerable time on the ground, and live in that culture for a while before you jump the gun and get involved in costly business ventures. So how can you protect your investment-and your hopes and dreams-when starting a business in your new expat home? Here are a few tips for knowing whether the local workplace culture is going to clash with your way of doing things. Meet other people who are actually doing business in that country. They’ll spend a lot of time taking personal calls from family members at work, and most people will not be willing to work extra hours no matter what you’re offering, because they’re motivated by family time or social time rather than more money. Speaking of business culture, I’ve also learned that Maltese people feel competition is unfair.


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