How To Build Something That Lasts

How do we define culture? Ultimately, company culture is about how we treat each other. How you define and grow your culture should depend people. “Company culture is the set of standards and attitudes that members of an organization have in common.” “Actually it’s the shared beliefs and purposes within an organization that’s what company culture is.” “No no, you’re both close but company culture is the values and behaviors that people in an organization agree on. I didn’t give up my semi-annual perm for this.”Those are all fine answers. “Just spit it out skinny boy! What is company culture?” Company culture is ultimately about how we treat each other. In fancy marketing language company culture is the summation of how people within an organization interact with each other and work together. What are the fundamental beliefs you share on how people should act and be treated? Defining these three things will help you communicate your culture to others. So how you define it and grow your culture should depend on people.


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