Funding Pours Into The Smart Building Startup Market

It is all part of long-term capital trends for the sector as a whole, which has seen total capital investment increase more than 6 times since 2012, taking the total to $6.8 billion for the period. It’s not just funding that has grown but the number of startups in the smart buildings sector too. Memoori has identified 482 startups – private companies founded between 2009 and 2018 – in the smart buildings sector. We have identified 109 startups that have been acquired and 13 firms that filed for an IPO since 2009, amounting to over 600 active new entrants in the smart commercial buildings sector alone, according to the detailed report. The number of funding rounds has risen to 184 in 2018, more than 3 times the figure for 2012. North American startups accounted for more than half the total number of funding rounds in 2018, reflecting the comparative ease with which startups in the United States and Canada can gain funding. European companies accounted for about a third of funding rounds in 2018, while Asian, Australasian and Middle Eastern firms added up to just over 10%. The report also found that a noticeable proportion of startups who were originally founded in Europe, Middle East or Asia moved their headquarters location to the USA, “Presumably to access the American market for their solutions and/or to access funding from US bases financiers.” This further reinforces North America’s position as the most welcoming and supportive region for startups, in the smart building sector and for many other industries.


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