Re-Humanizing Work: You, Ai And The Wisdom Of Elders

Christmas is a time of traditions, but whilst some people enjoy the food, the family rituals or the black and white movies, for me, one of my favorite traditions is the Christmas lecture series filmed by the Royal Society. Every year since 1825 they have put on a series of lectures on a variety of scientific topics, and whilst it’s perhaps fair to say the original lecture by Michael Faraday was aimed at a more mature audience, the lectures today are designed to inspire children about the wonder of our world. Anyway, it’s a nice tradition, so I’d like to take inspiration from them and share with you three lectures that I believe are related to a topic close to my own heart – the future of work. The second lecture comes, rather fittingly, from the Royal Society, who have been doing a series of reports and research into the role of AI in society over the past year, most of which I’ve covered already. In this lecture, he discusses the societal impact of new technologies, and how we can ensure that the transition to an AI age is as smooth as possible. The final lecture I’m presenting to you this year covers the future of work, but perhaps not in the traditional technological disruption sense, but rather from a demographic perspective. I hope you’ve enjoyed these lectures, and thank you for reading my work here at Forbes.


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