Driving The Future Of Work: What’S Your Strategy

“Box’s global chief information officer, Paul Chapman gets it right when he says, ‘You can’t just add software to your product, business model or process and call it digital. Employees expect a digital workplace.” Speakers included Scott Leader, vice president at cloud content management company Box, and Nicola Dorling, director, digital strategy, architecture and customer experience at the University of New South Wales. “Being easy to use/transact with personalised, intuitive, having no channel friction and the customer being at the heart of the experience for me best describes a digital business.” These companies have gone a lot further than just offering a digital service – they’ve reinvented what a digital experience is. “The immediate focus is on content management, digital asset management, digital service delivery and audience management – driven by improvements in data-driven insights and an enhanced social media presence,” says Dorling. “We focus on ensuring our students are equipped to use digital collaboration tools that will set them up when they enter the work environment and we use these tools in the setting in conjunction with our ‘question chat bots’ for students to collaborate and ask questions of each other and the lecturer.” “Learning approaches of the future will involve us supporting our academics with a suite of digital products that improve the experiences of students from recording lectures and streaming these online to be viewed at a later date to building chat bots to support student learning.” Dorling says.


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