A Family-Friendly Work Environment Is A Powerful Recruiting And Retention Tool

The typical process is to earn the trust of managers, then figure out a work setup that meshes with a working parent’s personal schedule. Working parents have less time than those without family obligations to research and look for other opportunities. People work out reduced/flex schedules with their managers and don’t talk about them with the CEO. They don’t want to send a message that they prioritize their career below their family. No wonder working parents feel stuck once they work out an arrangement that works for them. The firm should make it easier for people with non-standard schedules to get diverse experience by allowing them to transfer these arrangements to other internal opportunities where possible and helping them make these arrangements work. A challenge for both women and men is maintaining some reasonable degree of fitness while balancing work and family demands. You’ll make it easier for people to work a full day by designing the office to promote fitness while working, rather than slotting in fitness as a 20-minute activity before work.


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