Ten Hr Trends In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

The future of HR is both digital and human as HR leaders focus on optimizing the combination of human and automated work. As we enter 2019, it’s the combination of AI and human intelligence that will transform work and workers as we know it. The DBS Talent Acquisition team created JIM, a virtual recruitment bot powered by artificial intelligence used to conduct candidate screening for those applying to be wealth planning managers, a high volume job in the consumer bank. The World Economic Forum projects that 75 million current jobs will be displaced as artificial intelligence takes over more routine aspects of work. PwC forecasts 20% of executives at U.S. companies with artificial intelligence initiatives report that they will roll out AI across their business this year and expect AI investment to both re-imagine jobs and work processes as well as grow profits and revenue. Creating new jobs as artificial intelligence becomes more widespread inside companies will be a huge priority for C-suite leaders in 2019. Rob Brown, Associate Vice President at Center for the Future of Work at Cognizant Technology Solutions, shares the drivers behind the 21 More Jobs For the Future of Work: “The vision behind our newest report is to profile futuristic jobs which leverage the power of artificial intelligence to blend technology with the”human touch” for jobs in the future workplace.


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