The Decline Of The Traditional Office: Are Smarter Ways Of Working The Replacement?

Aligning support services with smart ways of working. Adapting embedded behaviours and transforming traditional workplace solutions in line with smart working is made difficult, if not impossible, where established HR policies and support service practices are not fully aligned. In established organisations, these services have evolved to efficiently and effectively service and support the status quo and so it’s inevitable they can be at odds with the changes a leadership team must implement if their organisations are to adopt smart working and stay relevant and attractive to the best talent. Smarter ways of working will make more and different demands on FM broadening the focus beyond fixed asset, cost-driven building services and maintenance to a greater and more active facilitation of customer service delivery. With reduced scale and scope of services focused on traditional property assets, higher valued ‘people’ focused services will need to emerge, offering greater levels of virtual support for remote working in places operated by others and the servicing of increased value and performing assets, but in a reduced scale of facilities and assets and in a wider range of remote physical environments. Fundamentally the specification of service level agreements and pricing mechanisms for this enhanced service can no longer be based on a square footage charge but increasingly on quality of outputs and results of its customers and the service they, in turn, deliver to the end users. Often encapsulated in technical jargon that as a result, reduces the value of the vital tools and service required and undervalues the supply and maintenance of core services which overall results in a disconnection from the service and the human resources that are intended to exploit the technical solutions on offer.


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