Smart City Experts Should Be Looking To Emerging Markets. Here’S Why

The developing world can kick-start the smart city revolution. For one, the overwhelming focus of the first generation of smart city vendors was on wealthy cities in mature economies. Early smart city champions like IBM and Cisco, two US corporations, focused initially on North American and European cities before spreading to fast-growing urban centres in East and Southeast Asia. More recently, smart city technologies are being developed even more rapidly in emerging markets. The focus of most companies investing in smart city technologies is on a narrow selection of between 300 and 600 developed cities driving the global economy. More fundamentally, the traditional focus of urban technology companies on the wealthiest cities restricts the ambition and creative potential of smart cities. Security: Most city governments around the world are investing in a suite of new technologies – from real-time crime mapping platforms and predictive analytics to gunshot detection systems, AI-assisted biometrics and smart cameras – to improve public security and safety.


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