Designing Workplaces That Are Engineered For Innovation

Companies have long focused on fostering collaboration among employees, envisioning it as a solution to lagging innovation. In a quest to best understand how to design for innovation in the modern workplace, Cincinnati-based BHDP Architecture convened leaders of more than 40 companies for a series of roundtable discussions. Participants spanned diverse industries, but they all sought the same things: strong company culture, less hierarchy, and – most of all – innovation. Thinking of innovation as a spectrum, and asking yourself what kind of innovation your organization is seeking to create should be the first step. Innovation Centers: While these aren’t isolated like Skunk Works models, they are a unique space inside the general operation to allow workers to think in new ways. Embedded Innovation: The most daunting of all, embedded innovation is a full change to your workplace in a bid to permanently create an innovative culture at all levels. How can we define innovation? Who will deliver it? How can we design our workplaces to foster it? A deeper exploration of your organizational culture, work processes and expertise will help you find the answers.


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