How To Fix Ergonomic Design Flaws In The Modern Workplace

What kinds of work are they doing in the office? What work tools are they using and how are they using them? The advent of many new ergonomic workplace tools in today’s modern office are sometimes as entertaining as they are creative. Today’s work environment is as much about design and functionality as it is about entertainment. What makes them a productive worker? How exactly does that fit in to the work culture and improve productivity of the employee or the office? Below are some examples of when these thoughts and questions were not considered. Knowing what kind of work employees are tasked with and the work they need to perform to be productive is critical to a successful design or re-design effort. We cannot blindly accept a client’s desire to install a new open office layout without first considering how it could impact the ability of employees to function at a productive level let alone be comfortable. How will lighting play an impact on the work being performed?


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