A Workplace Trend Of The Year That Everyone Knows, But Nobody Talks About As Much

In a recent survey of nearly 2,000 professionals by management consulting group Korn Ferry, nearly two-thirds confessed that their stress levels at work are higher than they were five years ago. “There are many factors that cause increased stress levels at work, including keeping up with changes in technology, increased workloads, and interpersonal conflict,” says Dennis Baltzley, a Korn Ferry senior partner and global head of Leadership Development Solutions. Over 30 per cent of the respondents said their superior is the biggest source of stress at work, and 80 per cent said a change in leadership, such as a new direct manager or someone higher up the organizational chart, impacts their stress levels. More than three-quarters of the respondents, 76 per cent, said stress at work has had a negative impact on their personal relationships, and 66 per cent said they have lost sleep due to work stress. Over 15 per cent admitted they had to quit a job because of stress. A study by the University of Houston, published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, found a link between parents’ workplace stress and the health of their children. In the Korn Ferry survey, 79 per cent of respondents said not having enough work is more stressful than having too much work.


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