2019 Top Five Commercial Interior Design Trends

His sage observation holds true today vis-à-vis 2019’s top commercial interior design trends. Gone are the days when commercial interior designers put color palettes, design styles and furnishings first. For commercial interior designers, fundamentals such as target markets, functionality and structural resilience must be considered with respect to usage, and ultimately tied to a project’s interior design long before the structure breaks ground. These trends signal that all members of the team-from architects and commercial interior designers to developers and builders-must embrace design thinking, the solutions-based approach to the craft. Many builders and developers don’t realize what each of these trends entail, especially when it comes to commercial interior design. This means commercial interior designers must integrate character-rich yet relevant design elements into buildings, which can range from incorporating local materials and vernacular features into structures to commissioning art for community spaces that pay homage to a community or locale. Mary Cook is the founder and principal of Mary Cook Associates, a full-service commercial interior design firm.


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