Can Your Mindset Keep Up?

In the book, the authors explain that because we’re all living longer, most of us will simply have no choice but to work for longer – many of us well into our 70s or even 80s. The potential lifespan of our careers has never been longer, and thus the onus on our work to provide us with the same level of contentment and happiness as it has for previous generations, is becoming more and more pressurised. For many who have been active participants in the world of work for many years, it can feel almost impossible to fathom how to realistically stop, and a) inject the variety and change needed to ensure they remain fulfilled and happy in years to come, and b) feel that their actions and choices are progressing and building their careers, and aren’t just causing them to stagnate in our current roles. We’ve been channelled through an education system which is geared to take us in one direction, and the older we get, the more and more we may feel forced to specialise in one field of work. If most of us are going to be working for 60-70 years, then it’s not realistic to think that the degree we left university with over ten years ago is ever going to provide us with all the knowledge we need now and in the future. Why? Because the skills we need to succeed are changing faster than ever before – in fact, according to the World Economic Forum, 34% of the skills workers need now, will have changed as soon as 2020. As we’re inevitably going to be working for longer, it’s becoming more and more important that our working lives complement our personal lives – whether that be by giving us the option to take a sabbatical, go back to university later in life, make a sideways career move, start our own ‘side hustle’, work remotely or take a break from work altogether for a period of time. Admittedly, a big part of this is down to employers and leaders challenging their long-standing assumptions around work, by offering things like flexible working options and returnships, as well as actively supporting employees in their regeneration.


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