Are Workplace Dress Codes Still Important?

Do you believe workplace dress codes are an outdated practice or a necessary element of professional life? While dress codes may have relaxed in recent years, there are still plenty of companies who have them at many different levels, and they could could be impacting you more than you realise. How exactly do dress codes affect employees at work? Are they becoming outdated or will they always be a part of the working world in some way? Recent research from online human resources service XpertHR shows that office workers are getting more chances to dress the way they want, even in situations where formal dress codes normally exist. A survey of almost 500 employers’ policies showed that more than half tear up the rules regarding dress codes for certain dress-down days such as casual Fridays or charity support days. While many organisations, particularly in the financial sector, still adhere to a fairly strict formal dress code policy, this is changing. “That said, my view on dress codes is that people should dress to be their best selves, and that does mean being comfortable and genuine to yourself, but also dressing to show respect for your colleagues and clients,” she said.


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