6 Ways To Reduce Healthcare Costs And Attract Employees

Have you heard the expression, “The quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach?” This phrase isn’t just true, it may also provide insight into reducing healthcare costs and attracting new employees. Employees appreciate high-quality meals that are subsidized, complimentary, or simply available to them. Foods prepared at home are less likely to be loaded with salt, fat and sugar so the more employees develop basic cooking skills, the easier and more likely they are to prepare simple, healthy meals at home. Host a Health Coach at lunch to conduct a session on a variety of health topics and use it as another way to provide dietary education and bring employees together. Provide access to healthy snacks or “Meals to go” for busy employees working through lunch or late at night. Stock a few meals for employees working late trying to meet a deadline. Partner with meal-kit delivery services and provide employees with either discounted delivery at home or on-site pick up to stay on track with their food plan.


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