4 Strategies For Overcoming Distraction

So how can you gain back control? After reading hundreds of studies, interviewing dozens of experts, and running the gamut of self-experiments, I learned that countless strategies can help us mitigate distraction. After focusing for 45 minutes, I treat myself to a 10-minute all-you-can-eat distraction buffet. Distractions happen 64% more often in an open office, and we’re interrupted by others more often in that environment as well. Our work tends to expand to fill the time we have available for its completion, and any excess time remaining is usually filled with distractions. Sometimes distractions come from internal and external factors, but other times they happen because we’re not being challenged enough by our work. We can’t help that our minds crave distraction. What we can do is set ourselves up for success by adopting strategies to block distractions ahead of time, work with greater intention, and reclaim our attention, once and for all.


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