3 Things You Need To Do To Be Taken Seriously At Work

No matter how good your ideas are, nobody will pay attention to them if you cannot present them in a way that is on-point to the people you talk to. Listen for the pauses in what they say to get a sense of whether there are things people are uncomfortable discussing. If you can’t find any bridge between what other people care about and your ideas, then you may need to wait for another time to lay out your plans. Present your ideas in a way that helps people to see how they resolve conflicts in a different way that you believe to be better. The best way to be taken seriously in any organization is to develop a reputation as someone who gets things done. Much of what gets you taken seriously involves conversations that other people have outside of your presence in which you get mentioned. When you do that you will find that it has been a while since you were concerned that people weren’t taking you seriously.


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