What It\’S Like To Work In A Coworking Space

Over the past two years, I have also spent some time working out of three different coworking spaces. The first was a “Community” membership that allows limited access to the space and access to events held in the space. After that comes shared work or floating desk space – that basically means you can use any of the common areas, but don’t have any personal/private space. The clientele can vary a bit too: The first two I used were in funkier neighborhoods, charged less than my current spot, and thereby attracted an eclectic artsy/start-up clientele, whereas my new shared space has a more corporate feel. My coworking space has a lot of seating choices, including comfortable chairs. If you work in a shared space, you’re going to hear other people. That’s on the high end for my market, but the space I’m in is well located, while the cheaper ones are in more industrial areas.


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