The 7 Technologies Transforming Your Workplace.

The technologies with the potential to transform today’s workplaces and keep changing how, when and where we work are already here. Interestingly, despite the use of voice recognition in consumer apps like Siri, the workplace has been slow to harness this technology. Although the broader impact of AI on the workplace is not yet known, this technology has the most potential to shake-up the job market and it is expected to remove 30% of workers’ main activities by automating routine tasks. Described as the ‘new electricity’, ambient technology uses IoT as the infrastructure through which it operates, and it will drive workplace efficiency. Ambient technologies rely on environments fitted with sensors and intelligent systems to deliver personalised services in anticipation of user’ needs. Until now collaborative technologies have been tools to help employees talk about their work, rather than as a means to change how they work. Traditional meeting room technologies with their hard-to-use systems and poor interoperability are outdated and damaging productivity.


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